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Astrogard is the realm of pure light and serenity. As said before, no one knows exactly how or when it was created. Not even I knows it. The only who really can answer that question is Ylisia, the astral archangel. And to find her, I need to enter the astral realm of light.
                                              ------Into The Astral Realm------

Ever heard about white holes? Scientists believe that these are the results of huge stars dying. But these are not dead stars, and by the way, it is only ONE white hole. And this white hole is the celestial gate to Astrogard. This massive star like entity is actually a unique lifeform, created by supreme forces of light and astral essence. Just like black holes absorbs all light, this white hole absorbs all darkness and evil forces.
As I enter the massive gate, I suddenly start to feel like flying. I fall asleep, but I am still awake. Kind of. Uncounscious, but still I feel so alive. I feel ethereal. Like I'm running through endless dreams. 
I feel the presence of light and serenity as I finally wake up in the realm of Astrogard.
And now, I will search for Ylisia.


Emerald grass, blue water, white shores, daylight all the time, billions of stars even though the sky is bright; this realm is indeed beautiful.


Ylisia is the Astral Archangel of Astrogard, the ultimate being of the entire realm.
She smiles at me as I approach her and fills my mind with happiness.
She is pleased to see me, and I have a feeling that she knew that I was searching for her before I came here.
I ask her about Astrogard and the story behind this wonderful realm.
There is much to learn, and much to tell, and Ylisia is glad that someone finally asked about Astrogard.
This will hopefully be a long story. I sit down on the lawn and listen to Ylisia's angelic voice and her story about Astrogard.


Before The Mortal Realm, Yiliira and Astrogard was created, the universe was nothing but a dying star. That star was the only thing to exist in the universe. Where it came from, no one knows. Not even Ylisia knows, but she believes that it was the last star of an ancient universe, something that existed long before this universe. Unfortunately, that question must remain unknown, since there is no evidence that someone from that universe is still alive, if there ever was an ancient universe or if it's not just a thought. Whatever it was, it was destroyed when the dying star lost its lifeforce and released billions of devasting gamma rays that made rifts in the dark matter and made the entire space bright. From this white light that embraced the empty space, a new universe started to take form. And along with the new universe, two astral entities was born from the light. The archangel Aqweo and the archangel Ylisia. They soon learned that they were able to create stars and life and expand the universe. Aqweo decided that they could make three realms; one for him, one for Ylisia, and one for the mortal life. And so did they. Aqweo made Yiliira, while Ylisia created Astrogard. Then they created The Mortal Realm together and made the planet called Entlinity, the first planet of the new universe.
For eons, the universe was peaceful and free, protected by the light. But the peace was not eternal. Aqweo became jealous on Ylisia, because her realm was brighter and more balanced than his own realm. No matter what he did, Astrogard was still the most powerful realm. Aqweo started to feel anger and envy, and dark thoughts took place within his mind.
His lust for power grew stronger, and evil forces took form in the realm of Yiliira. The light energy faded away from Aqweo, and his angelic form changed. Ylisia felt that something was wrong in the universe, and decided to visit Aqweo in Yiliira. When she confronted him, Ylisia could see and feel the darkness within Aqweo, and understood what has happened. When she offered him some of her teachings to make his jealousy go away, Aqweo refused. He said he was more powerful than ever, and that his powers were greater than the power Ylisia had. There was something wrong with Aqweo. He wasn't himself.
Then he said that the universe couldn't have two rulers and said that he was the one who should rule it.
When Ylisia refused to surrender and give up her power, Aqweo threatened to kill her. But Ylisia knew that behind the darkness that possessed Aqweo, there were still hope and light.
Even though they were immortal, Aqweo and Ylisia could die. But the only way they could die was to be killed by another immortal. Since they were the only immortals of the universe, their only choice was to duel to the death.
A great battle was fought in the realm of Yiliira. A battle that would affect the entire universe.
They fought for many centuries without any rest. After 1000 years, Ylisia finally defeated Aqweo. But she did not kill him. She banished him from his astral body and made him mortal. But she was afraid that he would be a threat to other mortals if she gave him a human form, so instead of giving him a place in The Mortal Realm, she sent him back to Yiliira, as a star.
But the darkness within Aqweo was too strong to hold back, and even though most of his powers were gone, there were still some power remaining. Over time, he grew stronger, and so did the dark powers within him. The light of Yiliira became weak and died out... slowly. The body of Aqweo grew to a huge size and he became the largest star of Yiliira. A star with no light in it. The darkest ethereal life form to ever exist. And so Aqweo became the first entity of pure darkness. His rage and lust for power tore Yiliira apart and destroyed the entire realm.
The darkness was born. After billions of years in peace and harmony.
After the total destruction of Yiliira, the realm was nothing but cold and dark.
Aqweo had fulfilled his task; be one with an astral realm and become the most powerful entity of the universe. But it wasn't enough. He wanted more. He forgot the realms angelic name, Yiliira, and gave it its new name; The Void. The realm of pure darkness and evil forces. The opposite of Astrogard, the realm of pure light and good forces. And so, the war of the universe, the war between the dark and the light, began.

The End.

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