torsdag 3. mars 2011



Born: January 15 1994 AD
Solar System And Galaxy Location: Sol, The Milkyway
Home Planet: Tellus (Earth)
Location: Norway
Species: Human

I was born on the 15th day of January, the first month of the new year, in year 1994 AD. Now, it is the year 2011 AD, and I have learned and seen much since I came to our world. 
Already as a little child my thoughts for the space and the universe was strong, and everything that had something to do about the universe amazed me. Another thing that amazed me was music. And it still does. Along with the universe. All these thoughts that has been running through my mind for years found each other, connected with one another and created my very imagination.
My very own imagination, unlimited, infinite, everlasting, my very own universe. Even though I created it, I don't know everything about it yet. But I know that it is a universe like ours. Where darkness and light fight an eternal war. A war that can't be won nor lost.
Within my universe, there are three dimensions; first, it is "The Mortal Realm." Just like the realm we live in.
Then it is "The Void." The realm of pure darkness and horrors, where my nightmares comes alive. A cold and black dimension ruled by evil forces and dark thoughts.
The last one is "Astrogard." The realm of pure light and eternal freedom, where my dreams comes alive. A beautiful dimension protected by astral angels and cosmic forces, created by light thoughts, good will, celestial power and serenity.
All this, within my very own imagination. 

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