mandag 14. mars 2011

My creations comes alive...

Hail, siblings of light!

I've started to create models for some of the characters from my imagination.
Right now, it is the armor of Aqweo and the Astral Hero armor that is under construction.
There will be some pictures and maybe a video that shows how I'm making the models.

I have also made the cover to my upcoming song, The Realm Of Astrogard.

I made this with GIMP 2 and Windows 7 Paint.

I don't know how long time it will take before the song is done. It have taken nearly two months just to finish the first verse and the chorus. I still need to finish the second and the third verses, and I also need to make the bridge part and a keyboard solo.
And then it is the vocals. I may be brave enough to fight against evil creatures from The Void, but singing on the internet so anyone can hear it, that's a bit scary.

But anyways, I hope that I can do it. But I don't need to worry about that yet. First I must complete the song and the rest of the lyrics before start on the vocals.

But now I must return to Astrogard to gather some astral essence that I need to enhance the armor I'm forging.
I'm back very soon.
Have an awesome day, my friends! :3

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